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Touring musician & producer Justin Lyons with musical singles titled, Little Girls & Emotion Sickness and producer of The Lyricist Opus for Grammy award- winner Chrisette Michelle. Newly released Album titled “LOST”. Lyons has been a touring guitarist since 2007. Grabbing his first major tour opportunity with the Largest KPOP group in the world, BIGBANG in ( 2012-present.)


Justin Lyons was born on September 23, 1985 in Dallas, Texas. His first record, “Little Girls”, being self written, composed and produced was released in (2014). The fall of 2014, produced, “The Lyricist Opus”  for grammy- winner Chrisette Michelle. In (2015), his first solo single featuring vocal sensation, Choklate, was released, “ Emotion Sickness”. That single expressed his enthusiasm for music making and the interest for his first ever project,  “LOST”.


Justin Lyons, known to most as Guitarslayer, was born on September 23, 1985 in Dallas, Texas. The sixth of 8 children, but the middle of three by his mother, Lyons is a product of a musical family. His father, Danny Lyons Sr., the church guitarist; his mother Sheila Lyons, the church usher and treasurer. Grandparents being Pastor and Wife over his home church, is where he gained the interest in music at age 5.

He wasn’t brought up in a financial wealthy home environment. Lyons growing up in a single parented home by his mother, he saw what hard work looked like. Couldn’t afford guitar lessons so his mom put him in front of the radio and bought his first personal cassette tape, “The Thrill Is Gone”, by the late great B.B.King. Shortly after she saved enough money to purchase his first electric guitar from Toys R Us. Where she then placed him in prayer line every Wednesday night during church service, that GOD would bless his hands to do what his young heart was eager destined to do. Being raised in a divorced home, his mother continued him along with his older sister and younger brother to continue attending the family church. And the desire for music grew and the prayers worked. His mom would sit on the row behind him during service to hum and sing to him all the notes he needed to play. Which advanced his playing at an early age. Led to the spark of his first studio recording at age 11 with gospel choir, Voices of Praise. In  6th grade received his first call to be bass player for one of the most world renowned choirs of our time, The Mississippi Mass Choir, but unfortunately his mom said, no due to her not wanting him to miss school. “ I’ve always felt like I would’ve grown into being one of the worlds greatest musicians of all time today, had my mom allowed me that opportunity, because of the impact that choir had on the entire world. And to be in the 6th grade would have made me the youngest bass player, with the most popular gospel choir.  But I understood as i grew older and wiser she had no music knowledge of what it took, so i stopped blaming her for a missed opportunity and realized that it wasn’t time yet, she only tried to protect me. I love you mom.” – Justin Lyons . Where GOD and church played a really significant part in his playing, he was also able to develop into a true leader and learn great musicianship. Not attending school for music but having an extreme love for basketball, his mother provided him the perfect balance of keeping his true childhood and being involved in music as he felt the need. Never forced to do one or the other, kept him sane in his ladder years. Being accepted, into Booker T. Washington performing arts school, for playing bass, Lyons declined because at the time they didn’t obtain a sports program. In (2002), he was given the opportunity to play bass for gospel artist James Fortune, only being in 10th grade. The following year (2003) playing bass for legendary gospel singer Kim Burrell.  But instead attending, Life School of Dallas, Lyons really stepped into his true leadership role as being captain of the basketball team and periodically providing music for the school choir. Not to mention, being the youngest barber to attend barber college as a 9th grader in high school, but could cut and style hair with the best of any adults. Being pushed and groomed by his teachers and school personnel, Lyons began to get confused about what future he wanted for himself. He graduated in 2004.

Early Musical Career

After graduation his first touring opportunity came the summer of (2004) in Europe at age 18, with RnB soul artist Geno Young. While juggling long hours in community college. In (2007), formed a band that gained a household name around Dallas, Tx., named K’nnect 4. Playing at local clubs such as Taphegeez where the legendary guitarist, the late great Al James  found a huge liking in this young guitarist. Pouring words into him such as “ You’re the next star of tomorrow” “You’re the greatest I’ve seen in a long time” and “Never stop playing because the world belongs to you nephew.” Soon gained a massive following from playing at club Sankofas , where every artist passed through far and near just to perform. This club aided the opportunities to rock with artist such as Erykah Badu, Eric Roberson, Geno Young, Carmen Rodgers, George Huff ,to Tonex, aka BSlade, just to name a few. On TBN (2008) as his first TV appearance, with Gospel artist Myron Butler, for the Set Me Free promotional run(2012) appeared at Essence Fest as Musical director for Vivian Green. Reappearing the following year (2013) as the musical director for Chrisette Michele. Second TV appearance in (2013) as guitarist on the Dove Awards with Tamela Mann. And later that year went on to structure his very own studio as The Lyons Den Recording Studio.

After graduation in (2004), during a time of trying to be a noticed guitarist and musician, Lyons also attended Mountain View college and shortly after (2005) transferred to Cedar Valley College, worked at UPS and cut hair to provide a life for himself and to fund any musical desires. After having such an unbalanced cycle of life Lyons found a really good job in 2007 that lasted for about 3 years and shortly stepped away from music for the entire year of (2009) to focus on his job task and regroup mentally and spiritually. Juggling jobs and gigs was a bit stressful and he needed a break. Everything musically being presented to him he cancelled to remain firm in his decision of gathering himself back to a healthy place of peace. Being laid off in January of (2010) there was no surprise, he was ready to dive back into music. First gig back on the scene 2 weeks after losing job was at The House of Blues Dallas, as bass player for artist Jesse Boykins III.  And 2 weeks after that show, a southern tour with Eric Roberson as lead guitarist. Approximately 3 weeks from that tour landed another tour with RnB power voice, Vivian Green. Being just guitarist with her for an entire year led to a promotion of being Musical Director. “I’ve always been shocked at how quickly GOD works the moment you obey him, hence the reason I quickly was blessed with opportunities to tour only weeks after being laid off. It’s hard to be in the circuit as a touring musician, because its always about who you know. And fortunately I knew the main shot caller, GOD. I’m forever grateful.” – Justin Lyons. Fast forward to 2012, Lyons met superstar by the name of Chrisette Michele. Where a very musical spark occurred that led to a 3 year interest between the two.

Musical Success

Lyons first major tour, The Alive Tour, kicked off in 2012 as the lead guitarist for KPOP boy band, BIGBANG. Doing this tour compared to the others, opened the door for Lyons’ career on a platform he never saw coming. By the end of 2012, Justin had performed for 1.5 million people across the Asian borders alone.  Setting charts and breaking records with this band like no other higher than any artist in the U.S.

While on the journey with Bigbang, Lyons was still making his name and talents known stateside by accompanying the super talented, Chrisette Michele, in a duo song titled, Your Fair Lady. The song was a never before heard approach by the song bird, that also gained Lyons the musical attention as this roaring rock guitarist as stated by This is 50 magazine, Vibe magazine,

In 2013, Lyons had his first debut role as the love interest in the music video, “A Couple Of Forevers”. With over 40 million view worldwide, his face and talents were surely spreading. This song being the newest love song of song of todays time, it gained its notary as being nominated for song of the year by the Soul Train Music Awards. Which Lyons also made his first first ever appearance to as the date of the grammy winner. Later that year, Lyons was featured as guitarist in the Whitney Houston tribute for Billboard.

While name and face surfaced abroad, companies were too after Lyons. Being introduced to one of the top 3 guitar companies in the world, PRS, Lyons was more than overjoyed by the decision to join them. Shortly after, an endorsement with Novation quickly arose.

Lyons first single , Emotion Sickness, to his first ever solo project titled LOST was released September of 2015. And the official solo project released February 10, 2017, amongst other placement work with some of your favorite Artist.

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